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yieldsApp is an innovative machine-learning platform that identify pests and diseases in plants, predicts their occurrences and provides recommendations for optimal use of pesticides.

Our solution integrates real-time data with extensive agronomy know-how to provide farmers with consice, simple and highly accurate recommendations.

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Pest & Disease Identification

yieldsApp's algorithm helps farmers to easily and accurately identify pests and diseases in major crops. The powerful algorithm, which analyzes weather data, extensive know-how and user feedback provides the most accurate identification.

AI-Based Pesticide Recommendations

The recommendations module provides the farmer with precise recommendations about which pesticides to use, when and how. Our AI and machine learning algorithm allows for ever-improving recommendations.

State-of-the-art technology

In our approach, prevention, detection, prediction and management of pests and diseases is achieved by using AI and machine learning algorithms

Data sources

We utilize a huge amount of real time data form satellite imagery, weather conditions, crowd-sourced information and data from sensors


We integrate the data with extensive agronomy know-how, updated research results and best practices, to create proprietary know-how.

Modelling and AI

Field data, grower's inupt and the agronomical know-how are being modeled and analyzed by sophisticated self-learning algorithms.


The grower gets easy-to-use pests and diseases identification tools and precise recommendations for pesticide application, using a holistic approach.

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